new techniques

Glass Technique
Making Mirror

I have always enjoyed experimentation and coming up with different ways of doing things. We are creating ways of reverse gilding and acid etching on glass. It is exciting to see how to take different designs in the mirror and how that will incorporate into a design for a entire new piece of furniture. Here is a multi-step process of acid etching and painting in reverse on a piece of mirror. I am in the process of designing a frame that will have these patterns on the mirror itself.

shagreen nightstand

shagreen nighstands
shagreen nightstand
shagreen nightstand
In the 30’s and 40’s baby sharkskin or shagreen as it is called was used on many pieces of furniture. When I was in an antique shop in Paris a few years ago, there was this wonderful shop that had many original Jean Michelle Frank chests.

our newest piece

Aaron cocktail table
waterfall table
The Aaron cocktail table is made of solid zebra wood. The simple lines and graceful curves make this a stunning cocktail. I wanted to keep the color light enough to allow the natural detail in the wood to show up. It is regal and simplistic while strong at the same time.

acrylic furniture

gloria benchacrylic furniture
In the middle of the 20th Century, furniture design was going through major changes. Innovative furniture designers like Le Corbusier were experimenting with metal , glass and plastic. These new innovative designs were revolutionizing modern furniture.