Catching Up

Alma is laying the clay boulle down as she prepares to gild the trim on the secretary

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I wrote. I have been very busy with new designs, new showrooms and opening the outlet in Memphis.

This afternoon I was in the studio and working on a venetian secretary that was shipping today. I became emotional just looking at the finished art on the drawers and all the time that we had spent in making the piece truly a work of art.

In a day in age when furniture is so cookie cutter and designers are buying furniture from China and Vietnam (to get the best price) , I am so proud to be making studio furniture that I know will become an heirloom and stand the test of time.

The photos of the piece that is pale yellow are the venetian secretary that we have painstakingly worked on for weeks. Everything is hand executed, No stencils or decals or transfers. I cannot keep the look as it would be on a fine antique.

When I was in San Francisco last year, I saw a couple of antique venetian secretaries that were 450,000 each! That is why I enjoy reproducing fabulous pieces like these. I am glad to be able to say this piece is all green. Since we make all of our stains and paints from scratch they are all natural.

I am getting ready to leave Thursday for the Maison de Objet in Paris and I will be blogging photos of the fabulous new things showing for 2010.

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