mirrored furniture

14 Years ago, Gene and I were at the Paris Flea Market and came across the most wonderful piece of mirrored furniture. I decided then and there that we wanted to start making mirrored furniture. We developed our own process of making antiqued mirror. I can say that over the years the use of mirror in furniture has changed quite a bit. I personally love taking worn Toscana finishes and coupling them with antique and mercury antiqued mirror. For our light antique mirror and mercury mirror, we actually use pellets of mercury to create the pitted, antiqued look,
So many of the mirror pieces that we make take days of cutting and fitting mirrors to size.
fitting mirror
fitting mirror
cutting mirror
When we do mirror drawers, we hand drill each mirror that go onto drawers.
drilling mirror
This is a Selznick Server that is one of the best selling pieces in the line.
selznick server
I have actually adapted this piece into the vanity in my master bath.

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